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luglio 2017 – febbraio 2018

Fotopub 2017 @ Novo Mesto
lug 31 @ 11:00 – ago 6 @ 23:00
Fotopub 2017 @ Novo Mesto | Novo Mesto | Novo mesto | Slovenia

Fotopub 2017

Fotopub Festival is entering its fourth edition in its new form since 2014. The festival, which is led by young artists and curators, takes place each August in the rural town of Novo mesto, Slovenia. From 31 July to 5 August 2017, Fotopub will organise a series of formal and informal events presenting international artists working with the most recent emerging photographic research, music and entertainment programme, evening artist presentations, symposiums, a book fair and a portfolio review, which will bring to Novo mesto well-known and respected artists, curators, editors, publishers and gallerists from the international art world.

Fotopub focuses on generating links between the freshest photographic activity and its wider cultural context. Unlike many other cultural institutions working in the field of photography, the festival’s foremost intention is to work actively at the site/place where emerging photographic practices meet unconventional curatorial gestures. Fotopub aims to recognize the qualities of young artists and connect them with established professionals in the field of contemporary art, thus enabling future interactions and supporting the development and acceleration of their artistic careers. The festival occupies and builds a space for emerging artists in a need of a platform for independent research, experimentation and practice, forming a multigenerational initiative for interdisciplinary cultural integration.

This year, ten exhibitions will be held by forty-six international artists from nineteen countries; from Belarus, Bosna and Herzegovina, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Latvia, Lebanon, Palestine, Slovenia, Switzerland, Turkey, The Netherlands, Ukraine and the United States. The exhibitions will take place exclusively in the unconventional and/or abandoned spaces across the city centrewith site specific installations and performances happening across the streets and fields of Novo mesto.

The festival inaugurates with Soft Denial, an underwater installation commissioned by Fotopub to Forlaine 6 Studio (FR/GR), located in Novo mesto’s primary school swimming pool. Along with the mentioned installation, there are three group shows curated by this year’s three guest curators. Rachel Dedman (UK) invited architects, painters and videomakers from the Middle-East to work with photography in order to draw a new possible visual narration of their geographic area. The performative exhibition curated by Tereza Jindrova (CZ) puts together two artistic duos, whose works deal with the most basic human feelings, such as love. Log Pose, an exhibition curated by Paola Paleari (IT), brings together five lens-based artists who from their own experiences use photography to explore diverse aspects of life: identity, intimacy, society, environment and language. Liga Spunde (LV), winner of the Fotopub 2016 Portfolio Prize, returns to Novo mesto with a one-piece solo show in an abandoned public toilet; an unsettling climax of domestic life and alien otherworld. The closing show of the festival sees the participation of nine international artists, each selected by a member of the Fotopub team as an experiment, which is aimed at fostering new dialogues between different imageries and methods, between an individual and the collective. The programme is complete with a performance by the Swiss-Slovenian artistic duo Veli & Amos, public interventions by Danilo Milovanović, as well as two guest shows curated by the festival’s international partner institutions; FAMU, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, and METRONOM Gallery in Modena with Claudia Petraroli’s solo show. Among this year’s new initiatives is a special Fotocubs exhibition, conceived and produced by last year’s Fotopub Volunteers and mentored by the Fotopub team.

During the last two days of the festival, Portfolio Review, one of the central events, will bring to Novo mesto twelve well-known and respected international artists, curators, editors, publishers and gallerists. Apart from reviewing the portfolios they will also present their practice to the public in a series of symposiums. The Fotopub 2017 Portfolio Reviewers are Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger (FI, Chief Curator at The Finnish Museum of Photography), Duncan Wooldridge (UK, photographer, curator and art critic, Photography Course Leader at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL), Elisa Medde (IT/NL, Managing Editor at FOAM Magazine), Federico Clavarino (IT/ES, artist, teacher at BlankPaper Escuela de Fotografia), Francesca Seravalle (IT, independent curator), Marcella Manni (IT, Founder and Director at Metronom Gallery), Michal Novotný (CZ, curator, Director at Centre for Contemporary Art FUTURA), Penelope Umbrico (US, artist), Roman Uranjek (SI, artist, Founding Member of IRWIN and NSK), Taco Hidde Bakker (NL, writer, researcher and lecturer), Tim Clark (UK, curator, Founder of 1000 Words Magazine) and Aron Mörel (UK, publisher, Founder and Editor at Mörel Books).


Monday 31.7.

18.00 opening performance @ Airport Novo mesto-Prečna, Prečna Street 46

20.00 festival opening @ Grm Primary School
Forlane 6 Studio

21.00 artist presentations @ LokalPatriot club

22.00 spit roast dinner @ LokalPatriot club

24.00 night programme @ LokalPatriot club

Tuesday 1.8.

18.30 exhibition opening @ Breg 1
Adam Mička, Max Vajt, Minghui Zheng, Valentýna Janů, Ira Zakharova, Šimon Levitner, Johana Novotná, Oskar Helcel
Guest show by FAMU Prague

19.30 exhibition opening @ City Library
Sunoj D, Stéphanie Saadé, Ghaith Abi Ghanem and Jad Melki, Hussein Nasserredine, Daniele Genadry, Yara Saqfalhait, Isa Toledo, Aykan Safoglu
Curator: Rachel Dedman

21.00 artist presentations @ LokalPatriot Club

22.00 performance by Aykan Safoglu

23.30 night programme @ LokalPatriot club

Wednseday 2.8.

18.30 public installations walk @ City Centre
Danilo Milovanović

19.30 exhibition opening @ Pugljeva Street
Liga Spunde, Fotopub Portfolio Prize Winner 2016

21.00 artist presentations @ LokalPatriot club

22.00 night programme @ LokalPatriot club

Thursday 3.8.

16.00 exhibition opening @ Rozmanova 12
Matic Pandel, Nik Erik Neubauer, Teja Miholič, Lucija Rosc
Fotocubs mentored exhibition

18.00 (exhibition opening @ Simulaker Gallery)

19.30 exhibition opening @ Glavni Trg 2
Mathias Tang, Matilde Søes Rasmussen, Bärbel Praun, Maya Rochat, Masha Svyatogor
Curator: Paola Paleari

21.00 artist presentations @ LokalPatriot club

22.00 night programme @ LokalPatriot club
Haiku Garden (SI), Jonathan (HR)

Friday 4.8.

10.00 portfolio review @ Glavni Trg 2

13.00 book market @ Situla

17.00 symposium @ Glavni Trg 2

18.30 exhibition opening @ Glavni Trg 2
Claudia Petraroli, Guest show by Metronom Gallery

19.30 exhibition opening @ Glavni Trg 28
Lea Collet, Marios Stamatis, Barbora Fastrová, Johana Pošová
Curator: Tereza Jindrová

21.00 evening presentations @ LokalPatriot club

22.00 night programme @ LokalPatriot club

Lord Apex (UK), Neana (UK), T.D. Nasty (UK), Borka (SI), Felis Catus b2b KMN (SI)

Saturday 5.8.

10.00 portfolio review @ Glavni Trg 2

10.00 book market @ Situla

17.00 symposium @ Glavni Trg 2

19.30 exhibition opening @ Glavni Trg 2

Giorgia Castiglioni, Eric Meier, Thomas Kuijpers, Nicolò Lucchi, Giovanni Fredi, Richard Janeček, Jure Goršič, Anja Jelovšek, Sam Lavigne

21.00 artist presentations @ Glavni Trg 2

21.30 festival closing ceremony @ Pumpnca

22.00 Fotopuparty @ Pumpnca
Mickey Pearce (UK), She’s Drunk (FR/Berlin), Bojler DJs (SI)


For any further press inquiries regarding the Fotopub 2017, asking for additional information, arrangements of interviews or organising the visit of the press teams to the festival, please contact us in the following order:

Tadej Vindiš
Assistant Director (Press Contact)
+386 31 883 184 (SI)
+44 7843 877 171 (UK)

Dušan Josip Smodej
Managing Director
+386 40 215 189 (SI)

Fotopub Association for Contemporary Culture
Dilančeva ulica 1
8000 Novo mesto


Performative Arts Today: Like the Grave of a Stone, Like the Cradle of a Star @ Trinity College Dublin
feb 2 all-day
Performative Arts Today: Like the Grave of a Stone, Like the Cradle of a Star @ Trinity College Dublin | Dublin | County Dublin | Irlanda

Vicinanze, avvicinamenti, concatenazioni, carteggi, proposte d’etimo, corrispondenze tra l’Italia e l’Irlanda ordite nel segno del sasso e della stella, del labirinto e del tappeto: questo il programma di Performative Arts Today: Like the Grave of a Stone, Like the Cradle of a Star, che avrà luogo il prossimo 2 Febbraio presso il Trinity College di Dublino, in collaborazione con L’Istituto Italiano di Cultura. Un evento che vuole essere soprattutto una geografia di comunanze, un atlante e un percorso di studi volto a superare le divisioni tra discipline artistiche attraverso una tavola rotonda che vedrà tra i suoi partecipanti: Antonio Presti (creatore e presidente della Fondazione Fiumana D’arte), Giuseppe Sterparelli (regista di Variazioni: A Visual Polyphony, un lavoro che indaga i rapporti tra Emilio Villa e Antonio Burri), Eiléan Nì Chuillenáin (poetessa irlandese), Antonella Anedda Angioy (poetessa italiana), Maurizio Boldrini (regista e ricercatore teatrale, che presenterà una sua lezione su Carmelo Bene), Gianluca Pulsoni (ricercatore della Cornell University), Giorgiomaria Cornelio e Lucamatteo Rossi (cineasti), Cosimo Leonardo Colazzo  (compositore  e direttore d’orchestra) e Patrizia Zanardi (soprano). La giornata ospiterà anche Come tomba di un sasso, come culla di una stella, una mostra (preceduta da un film) composta inseguendo l’atlante Mnemosyne di Aby Warburg e che tenta di congiungere l’Irlanda (ancora abitata da memorie, congegni mitici e ferite incise sulla pietra, come l’alfabeto Ogham) con la misura di poeti e artisti italiani, tra i quali:

Andrea Balietti,  Giuditta Chiaraluce, Silvio Craia, Vincenzo Consalvi, Corrado Costa, Mario Diacono, Simone Doria, Franco Ferrara,Valentina Lauducci, Osvaldo Licini, Elisabetta Moriconi, Magdalo Mussio, Remo Pagnanelli, Mariano Prosperi, Pinuccio Sciola, Stefano Scodanibbio, Aldo Tagliaferri,  Emilio Villa.

L’evento è organizzato dalla Dottoressa Giuliana Adamo e da Bianca Battilocchi, mentre la direzione artistica è curata da Giorgiomaria Cornelio e da Lucamatteo Rossi.

2 febbraio 2017